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My love for makeup began early on as a preteen when I was working hard to hide my flaws. For a decade I had suffered from acne that increased a sense of insecurity within me that I needed to change. It was when I grew as an official makeup artist in 2010 that I learned the real concept of highlighting and enhancing one's individual unique beauty.


Throughout the years Ive gained experience in bridal, photoshoot, and runway makeup ensuring each client, designer, or photographer is fully satisfied with the final results. My mission is to make all of my clients see themselves in a light they never imagined and allow their inner beauty to project outward. 


Fashion, beauty and art have always been worlds of intrigue for me. Watching YouTube vloggers, tutorials and practicing on myself were my first steps prior to freelancing. Since I became a freelance makeup artist in 2013, I have built an ever-growing 

love and passion for makeup. My work has allowed me to indulge in my love for color and beauty, as well as the concepts 

of transformation and personal expression. I absolutely enjoy  theater/Halloween makeup; it makes me feel like there are no rules in makeup, but overall what truly gets me going is seeing my clients smile after their makeup looks natural but still makes an impact.I like to make my clients feel relaxed and beautiful inside and out when they step out of my makeup chair. My goal is to motivate and inspire women daily.


My passion for makeup started at a very early age. Since I can remember, I always knew that the artistry of makeup was going to be my career. I have been doing makeup for over 15 years. I graduated high school, went to college but nothing really interested me like the beauty industry did. So, I decided to go to an institute of Esthetics. Learning about skin care and beauty was exactly what I enjoyed. It confirmed my passion for makeup and my career path. 

Knowing about skin care gives me the advantage to not only deliver a flawless makeup application but 

have the knowledge of everyone’s skin type and needs. My mission is not only to continue my education in the industry and expand my services but to always stay updated with the latest trends in fashion, skin care and of course cosmetics. Allowing me to provide the best experience to my clients while enhancing their natural beauty

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